Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spinner Dolphins

Yesterday, we went out on a dolphin cruise with CRH's boss, Celeste. It was fantastic! Right after we got out of the marina, there was a pod of Spinner Dolphins. Those are the type of dolphins we have here along the Waianae cost. They look kind of like Atlantic Bottle nose dolphins, but are smaller with longer faces (I dolphin expert...just my observation). So, we see these dolphins and watch them play for a while. They "surf" the waves of the boat and frolic around. Then, we moved to look at another pod. Along the way, what do we see? A sea turtle!! He was just hanging out in the water. We get to the second pod and watch them play along a part of the coast called "Pray for Sex Beach". I don't make this shit up...seriously that's what they call that beach. Oh and this is a very tacky side note but hilarious...along the way one of the boat crew tried to tell us that the name of this golden yellow flowering tree is called a "Golden Shower Tree". I don't think least I hope not, but they were very near the pray for sex beach...who knows what they are doing on the other side of the island?! We are very sheltered here on the Mormon side.
As we were headed back, the captain saw the first pod of dolphin playing again and turned us around to watch them some more. The crew of this boat was fantastic! I'd definitely recommend this tour and they guarantee you see dolphins or you get to go back. Well, this time the dolphins were truly spinning...flipping out of the water and was like watching a show at Sea Life Park.
After the cruise, we went to the beach at Ko'olina resort. It was ok...good for kids and Eve played nicely so CRH and I could relax in the sand.

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