Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blind Eating

Yesterday I went on a field trip for work to a sister agency in an effort to increase our relationship with them. One of their students was graduating from the New Visions program for the blind (ok, I thought the name was funny too) and part of their graduation process includes making a meal for 6 and then making a meal for 25. The meal for 25 feeds the other students and all the staff. I was invited to stay for lunch, but there was a catch. The sighted staff wear shades...not sunglasses, but full on eye shades and walk with a cane. They couldn't find a cane, so I got to cheat and make my plate sighted, but I ate blinded. It was such an experience...I actually don't even know the right words to describe it. Every time I took a bite (and yes, I managed to get most of it from the plate to my mouth), it was a surprise about what I was eating. Despite years of working in human services, I'd never done an exercise before that put me in the place of my is about all I can say. I left VERY thankful to have all of senses.

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