Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Like Christmas

Today was a glorious can see from my other blog that Eve and I had some much needed independent socialization from one another...which was great. It then lead to us having a very nice evening...but other than seeing our friends (which was the true highlight of the day)...

I have always had an unnatural attachment to my pillow. All the Humbles do...we carry them with us everywhere like freaking security blankets. It's not always the same pillow year after year but whichever one we are on, we love it fiercely. It's hilarious. I was so packed to the max coming out here, that I decided to ship it instead of lugging it through a bunch of airports...a decision I have regretted daily. Well, I was 100% sure that the movers had in their suckiest fashion ever...lost my pillows. I am EXTREMELY happy (and a little manic about it) to report that I found them today buried in the bottom of a box of clothes...Hallelujah!

Speaking of security blankets, I did not mention this Friday, but as I was crying in the garage unpacking all of my crushed and destroyed boxes...I found my security blanket. This blanket has always had a way of turning up at the most opportune moments. You would think at 32 that I would be over it, but I was SO happy to see it that day. Thanks Dad and Kathy for hanging onto it all those years (My parents hate to keep stuff around...unless my Dad thinks it will be worth something one day). I am happy to report it was worth 100 times it's weight in gold to me that day.

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