Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slow News Week

There isn't much going on here at the Hart house until tomorrow afternoon when my parents arrive!! It's been a slow news week...I worked, got my hair done, and went to the dentist (no cavities!)...see what I mean? We have missed N8 and Cheri and have sort of been in a funk about CRH has been working a lot this week so he can be off next week with relative ease and his annual inventory is tomorrow.
We are going to the Big Island next week...super excited about that...more to follow with a few pictures I'm sure. Oh, I ordered a new telephoto lens for my camera as my anniversary gift!! I hope it comes before we go to the Big Island! CRH got himself a new GPS since I took Sylvia from him...8 must be a VERY romantic thing you know we will be giving each other kitchen appliances and vacuum damn.

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Cheri said...

We miss you too! We are still trying to work on a way to move to Kauai.