Monday, August 11, 2008

The Move is Almost Complete

I spent ALL weekend finishing the house. I had a really hard time being motivated last week, but with N8 and Cheri coming back on Wed. I felt like I ought to get it into gear. Tonight, CRH is assembling the TV and stuff in the new cabinet that I finished this weekend and I am hanging pictures tonight too...then I am finished.
No other big news going on here right is good for both of us. CRH's trip to CA was good...made even better by the discussion of how we will likely be here for two years or so! :)
I am sad to report that I have not had an Obama siting yet...I could have gone downtown to the free rally but that seemed a bit much. I'm hoping for him to just come knock on my door to say "Hi". I'll be sure to report if that happens.

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