Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Friends and Old Friends Too

I am pleased to report that Eve Hart came home today talking about friends she played with at school...thank goodness I didn't go and make an ass out of myself (as was my initial reaction). Whew...I feel sooooo much better (am I'm sure she does too). :)

We had a great time sailing yesterday with Wally and Duke the Wonder Dog. We also met some new friends. Turtle (aka Wendy) is going to teach Eve to swim in some private lessons...we just need a location...if only there was some water nearby. No, seriously we need to find a pool, but for now I think the ocean at low tide will work.

Onto old friends (old as in I've known them literally half my life...not they are old), I had the pleasure of spending the day with N8 and Cheri! It was AWESOME to see them!!! We had lunch at Chai Island Bistro and then toured the island from Hawaii Kai to Chinaman's Hat. They leave tomorrow for Kauai and come back on the 13th until the 18th! Then, my parents come on the 22nd thru Sept. 1st. You guys better all plan to call me on or around September 2nd or so...I'm going to be in visitor withdrawal...or better yet plan your own trips out!!

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