Monday, August 18, 2008

Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head

We had been waiting to do each of these things until people came to visit and N8 and Cheri were just here, yesterday we went to both locations.
Pearl Harbor was's such a nice tribute and a very well organized and put together national monument. It spans the ages...even my little Eve was touched. She kept saying "Mommy, thank goodness you weren't on that boat". Yeah, it was a little before my time, kid.
After Pearl Harbor, we went over to Diamond Head and hiked up. It kicked my ass...seriously. The climb down was easy as pie, but the climb up almost got me. So, I huffed and puffed my out of shape self up the trail and the 8 million steps (ok, there were less than 200) and then I get to the spiral steps. I have a phobia of spiral a panic attack inducing phobia. I almost went back down...seriously...but I didn't...I thought 'Damn, I made it this far...are two sets of steps going to stop me?' So, I pressed on and it was well worth it, but now I have the pics and don't feel compelled to do it again...ever. When you come, I will gladly go to Pearl Harbor with you, but CRH will be doing the Diamond Head portion of the tour if you are so inclined to hike up...or you are welcome to just look at my pictures instead.

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