Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stuff Update

Well it's been a weekend alright...good grief. Every box I open seems to produce something else broken. I have a page and a half list already and still have a lot of boxes to go. Eve's room is totally done...down to the pictures on the wall. That's the biggest undertaking. Oh, miraculously the TV works!! The kitchen is on the agenda tonight. It's funny how I am usually the one to organize this room, yet so rarely use it. I guess after 8 years, I know where he likes things. Next weekend when CRH gets back, we will work on our claim for the moving company...fortunately we had insurance on everything.
No other big news...CRH left this morning for his trip. Eve goes to school next week ALL week. I am working my normal schedule Monday and Tuesday, but seem to now be working Friday and Saturday nights too...which is a nice change of pace.

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RZAS Wife said...

Moving always sucks. I can only imagine how much more is sucks to have to pack up your stuff and place it in the hands of a shall we say "less than caring" shipper for 3 months travel! Hang in there!