Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't You Miss Americans?

Gloria and John are here visiting this week. CRH took them down to the lighthouse this morning while I worked and then I met up with them and we had lunch at Ted's Bakery and went to Waimea Falls. While we were sitting at the falls, CRH felt compelled (as he usually does) to engage in conversation with the person sitting beside him. They were apparently discussing the merits of island living on Oahu. I walked up and heard her ask "Don't You Miss Americans?" and felt compelled to walk away in order to not laugh out loud at her. CRH relayed the following was just too good to leave out of the blog.

Lady: "But, don't you miss Americans?"
CRH: "We are in America."
Lady: "No, I mean Americans..."
Lady: (In a quiet voice) "you know...white people".
CRH: "Er...."

Seriously?? Then she goes on to complain about how the Hawaiians always look so dour (though she did not use that word). THEN, she proceeds to go on about Southerners talking about how passive the women are...CRH laughed at her at this point and told her that his wife was in fact the complete antithesis of this statement. Can you stand it?? I wish people like that just never, ever left the North...ever.

We completed our day watching sunset and stalking the sea turtles!! Then, we rushed home after dinner to make the Valentines that Mom had forgotten about until 7:15pm!!

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