Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am in love with the wildlife here...seriously. I have a slight obsession with it according to Eve, my resident expert. First it was the sea turtles...which I still love and need to go visit soon. I think we will take The Nanna and John when they get here. Now, it is the monk seal. I almost broke my neck (and probably wrecked the car) today when I saw one on the side of the road. I desperately wanted to pull over and look at it RIGHT then and there...but alas we were on the way to hula and they get very upset if you are late for hula...which is ironic since the whole island is in fact always late...but whatever. So on the way home from hula in the dark, we stopped. There was another family stopped too with their lights shining on it...so I got a good look at it...very cool...I just love them. There were also no volunteer guards, so I could have gotten much closer, but I hear that they can be quite aggressive and thought I better keep my distance. I just want to pet one...is that so wrong? We are going whale watching this weekend...I bet the whales are next on my list.

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