Friday, February 27, 2009

The Universe Hates Me

Those of you that know me, know that I'm a HUGE Parrot Head and I love me some Jimmy Buffett. Last night, CRH and I went to Waikiki with the purpose of going to Jimmy Buffett's new restaurant at the Beachcomber. So I arrive there with MUCH enthusiasm hoping to see him come in and play a little (since I was sure that he was already in town for his concert this weekend), when we get to the CLOSED doors with two employees standing guard. I see Jimmy playing on a TV screen behind the CLOSED doors and they inform me that the restaurant is closed until 9:30pm because what I'm seeing on that screen is actually a LIVE feed inside. OMG!! Are you freaking kidding me?? After a large display of sadness on my end, I realize it ain't happening...those kids guarding the door are NOT letting me in. We go across the street and have a nice dinner at the Hula Grill instead. After dinner (10:40pm), we head back over to see if we can go in for at least a drink and maybe, just maybe, hoping that he's still hanging out. We get to the door and it's still closed (and LOCKED!) and the screen still shows him jamming. I am not to be thwarted, so I go to the retail side of things. I was informed by the employee that the restaurant is not going to open at all that night because Jimmy just kept playing. SERIOUSLY?? Apparently, if I had wanted to attend this event I would have had to have won a Landshark Lager contest.
To add insult to injury, CRH got carded at the Hula Grill and I did NOT. Now, I will say that we were not standing near each other...but really?? Then after our 2nd attempt to get into the restaurant, we went to Godiva for chocolate chicks. The guy pretty much told me that they have them, but can't sell them yet. Can you stand it?? My stars just were NOT aligned properly last all!

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