Sunday, February 8, 2009


That has been the theme this weekend...I have done very little! It has been gorgeous all weekend. Yesterday, Eve and I went to Shark's Cove and sat on the beach for a few hours. It was great - sunny and beautiful. We got our feet in and saw lots of fish swimming around us. Today, she wanted a stay home day. I wanted to go the beach, but I decided a day at home wouldn't kill us...though I'm in sunshine withdrawal. :) CRH had to work today. Gloria and John arrive Wednesday night. I hope this weather holds out and we can do some fun stuff with them outside! Oh yeah, we live in's almost always sunny on at least one part of the island!

Eve's 100th day of Kindergarten is is flying week she's going to be graduating from high school! Her teacher is having each kid bring 100 of something...we are bringing 100 mini marshmallows.

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