Sunday, February 22, 2009

Swimming with the Fishes

The Hart Family was in the water this weekend. Well, CRH and I were...Eve went out for a few minutes. Saturday, we went to town to pick Nanna and John up from their cruise. After picking them up, we went to Hanauma Bay and snorkeled for a few hours. We saw lots of amazing fish (unicorn fish, tangs, parrot fish, humu humus). We followed this pair of green parrot fish for a while. They were huge and awesome! I've decided that if I ever come back as a fish, I want to be a humu humu. They are so pretty and colorful (plus, I'd get to live in Hawaii again).
Today, we went to Shark's Cove and sunned and snorkeled more. We went all around the cove and saw even more fish (tangs, butterfly fish, Moorish Idols, wrasse, etc). It's just like swimming around in our own aquarium, but upkeep on our part.
Here's a pic of Hanauma Bay.


kathy said...

Hi! I stumbled across your blog awhile back quite by accident, and have come back more times than I'd like to I should have introduced myself a long time ago.
I simply love reading about your adventures in "paradise" because it's my dream for a long time to live there too. I don't know if that'll ever happen, but I'm hoping to make my first trip to Oahu later this year. (I'm a huge LOST fan too, so that's the other reason I can't wait to come see where my favorite show is filmed.)
Your picture of Hanauma Bay is so beautiful! I've lived in Florida all my life so have grown up around the ocean, but never seen them look as lovely as this one does. :)

Amy said...

Well, Kathy...aren't you a sweetie pie! Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoy the blog. I do it for pure fun and entertainment and to keep up with family and friends back home. We are from NC...moved here last April. You know, they film LOST all over this side of the island...however, we have never actually watched a show. I'm thinking about getting the series at Blockbuster. Anyway, glad you enjoy the blog. :)

kathy said...

Yes, I loved reading about your move and how it all happened.
N.C. is a beautiful state too. One of my best friends lives up in Hendersonville. We spent a week up there a couple summers ago..visiting Chimney Rock, Biltmore House..

And you must rent LOST! :)
They only are making one more season after the current one that is on now. You really should watch it now while you are on the island. Trust me, you'll get All of my family husband and our 4 children, and my daughter-in-law too. :)
I'm sure with you living there, you'll see lots of spots and places you'll recongize, and if you get familiar with the actors/characters, you'll be able to spot them too. :)