Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny Rides A Horse

I would have thought here in Hawaii that he might come in on a boat...but a horse? I have pictures...I don't make this stuff up.
Easter weekend has been festive. Friday it was a rainy, crappy day here in paradise. Eve and I were off and we baked cookies, watched Marley & Me (and neither one of us cried...what does that say about us??), and decorated Easter Eggs. This year we went with painting and glittering them...thinking that we won't repeat that again...ever.
Gunstock Ranch did a great Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning (hence the horse back riding bunny), where Eve met up with a few of her school friends. It was nice, but since it rained on Friday...we were pretty much hunting Easter eggs in mud and horse poop...good times...really. Eve had fun though and she got to ride a horse and pet a bunch of animals. Afterwards, I insisted on going to the beach.
Today she got up at 6:15AM to see what the Easter Bunny had left...seriously...6:15. I guess it's out of bed we went. She had only asked for 3 things: a snorkel board, a chocolate bunny, and chocolate eggs. The bunny happily provided these.

She and I then took a stroll out to the water and looked out over the ocean. It's just so damn gorgeous here! Then, we went into town to have brunch at The Willows with our friends Khristy and Tracy and his family. Eve got to do ANOTHER egg hunt there and see ANOTHER Easter bunny. I got worried one year when she saw too many Santas, but she hasn't asked any questions about it.
Hope you all had a Happy Easter! I leave for Vegas tomorrow night, so no more blogging until next weekend. Here's hoping I win $10,000 which is going to be hard since I only plan to play about $40 in the quarter slots.

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