Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt, Honey Girl, and Waimea Bay

It's been quite a day...wasn't even sure how to title this one! Our day started this morning with the annual Easter Egg Hunt. For the past few years, I've done an Easter Egg Hunt. I prefer it to the large ones because kids don't have to elbow each other for eggs laid out on the grass. That being said...I'll probably take Eve to the one at the ranch next weekend just for something to do. This year we added races...the kids raced with hard boiled eggs and then with bunnies between their knees. It was hilarious and did they ever get into it! They also did an egg toss (with the hard boiled ended with egg chunks in the yard...but they seemed to have fun while it lasted).

After the egg hunt, the Zinn family and Eve and I headed down to our beach to take some pictures. Well lo and behold, there was Honey Girl. I thought she was a myth. When we moved here our landlord told us stories of "Honey Girl" the Hawaiian monk seal that frequents our beach. We've lived here since June and today is the first time I've seen her...but there she was right out on the ropes and no volunteers. I raced back to the house to get my SLR (which I cannot seem to upload pics from at the moment...another story) and went straight out into the water to get up onto that reef and take pictures. I know the Zinn family must think I'm totally nuts...but could I not?? Ok, maybe I could have gotten a swimsuit on...but I was just too excited. After I went out with the SLR camera, I realized I could not upload those today and thought of you guys and went back out with my other camera and Eve to take some more pictures. Eve thought it was awesome that she got to get so close to the seal. For the record though, the rumor is that these seals can be a little aggressive toward we didn't touch the seal.

Once I got over the seal, we headed to Waimea Bay for an afternoon of sun and fun. CRH got off at 2pm today and joined us. CRH and Bob jumped off the really freaking big rock (pics are on SLR...this camera just wouldn't have done it). They loved it...thought CRH did admit feeling just a teeny bit anxious at first glance down from the top of the rock. As we were out on the beach, we spotted a rainbow back over the valley...not sure how well it came out here...but in between the mountains is in fact a rainbow.

For dinner tonight, Bob and Tiffany treated us to a lovely meal at Turtle Bay. We dined at Ola out on the was a pretty perfect day.

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