Monday, April 27, 2009

Ho'okupu Aloha Festival

Eve's 1st hula performance was Saturday. She takes hula every Tuesday from this wonderful lady, Kumu (teacher in Hawaiian) Mary. This woman teaches it because she loves too. She charges a one time lifetime fee of nothing (ok, very close) and then you only pay if you miss a class or you are late...seriously.
This year was the 10th annual festival. We took video and like a 100,000 pictures, but the ones from my SLR won't upload...still. It was just the coolest thing to watch...loved every second of it.

CRH won a 30 day gym membership and Eve won a goldfish...which was a total shock. CRH won the membership as part of the raffle. I let Eve play a fish toss game and the prize just so happened to be a goldfish. Who gives goldfish away as prizes?? Well, I need not worry because poor Belle only last 2 days.

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