Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday I turned 33...yay. I thought of numerous posts...some reflective...but decided to just skip all that. I worked (for the 1st time EVER on my birthday) so that I can have enough vacation time to come home in June. It ended up being nice though because I got a lei, cards, and a cake. Then, I came home to my darling husband making me a Southern dinner of fried chicken, fried okra, and fried squash!

In the Humble family (well, mostly Dad), we also celebrate the day after our birthday. So today, I went to the dentist. I tell you...33 sure is starting off as EXCITING. The good news is that I had no cavities! Tonight we went to Pinky's for dinner. They sent me a coupon for a free steak dinner, free glass of wine, AND a free ice cream sundae. How could I pass that up? (God, I'm getting old...)

On the way to dinner, we got to see Honey Girl again! She must have been a little pissed that I climbed into her space last weekend, so she beached herself in Hauula today...with volunteers...but I still stalked her a got a picture.

I'll be sure to post some more exciting stuff this weekend with our Easter festivities!

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