Sunday, April 19, 2009


I got back Friday night from Vegas...totally exhausted. It was super fun though. Our conference was held at The Palms (no, I didn't see Hef). Tuesday I hung around the hotel all day. Wednesday I attended the conference and then we went to The Rio and Paris. Thursday meant more conference and then the Bellagio and Caesar's Palace. The Bellagio was the best! There is a conservatory inside that had all of these spring flowers on exhibit...delightful. I LOVE living in Hawaii, but I have missed the spring flowers from home A LOT. I love, love, love daffodils, tulips, and it was fantastic being in that room. We also watched the water show a few times...spectacular. As I flew out Friday, we flew over and across the strip, so I got to see a lot of the hotels that I couldn't see from my hotel room or the part of the strip we explored and I got to see the water show again from the air. There was also snow on the mountain tops on the way to LA...crazy seeing snow in April! It rocked, although I didn't win ANY money. Well, I did win a tiny bit but I just kept playing with it...alas.

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