Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Bunny

Eve had a hard lesson in Economics today. Mom can't justify doing yet another dolphin encounter at Sea Life Park the day after learning that we owe thousands of dollars to Uncle Sam. Now, I'm standing by my political beliefs and will not belly ache (too much) about this monumental payout to the IRS...but it's smacked my ass a little. I am a dedicated liberal and will pay it with a smile (though my teeth may be gritted just a teeny bit). So, Mom had to come up with another fun activity to divert attention from previously mentioned dolphins...lucky for me Easter is around the corner!

Eve and I had a very nice time at the beach this afternoon. We went North Shore near Shark's Cove. Then, we went to visit the Easter Bunny! Woo Hoo! (Free) After the bunny visit, we met up with the Zinn family and headed over to Kailua Beach where we took a lovely stroll on the beach...the 1st half of which was very pleasant (this was before the whining started). I really love having people gets us out and moving! Tomorrow is the Easter Egg Hunt and Waimea Bay. Bob and CRH are going to jump off the big to follow.

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