Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Changes and Constants

Ok there are going to be changes in the Hart house this year, we hope. These are not to be confused with resolutions...I don't make those. (And please dear people DO NOT assume that means additions to the family...ugg) For starters, I'm applying to UH for my MSW. I'm slightly excited, but mostly nervous. The economy sucks, so everyone is going back to school...here's hoping I get in! There is only 1 public university on the island, so it's UH or not. Go Warriors! Of course then there is the issue of how to fund this operation, but we'll get to that when it comes.
The 2nd change would be where we live. We are seriously wanting to move to Haleiwa in June when our lease is up and school ends. I love it there. I always end up at the North Shore beaches. I can buy wine in the grocery stores there. I mean really, why DON'T we already live there?? It would also cut CRH's commute in half each day. CRH has wanted Eve to go to Sunset Beach Elementary since we moved here and we are hoping to find a place in that district. The school is pretty awesome. Eve's not super psyched about moving, but alas. Wailua Elementary has a great rating on the great schools website too, so that may be another option...but I don't want to live in Wailua. Apparently if you are haole, you aren't so welcome in the "W" towns.
Lastly there may be some changes with work, but I'm not at liberty to blog about that yet...nothing off island or with another company though.
The constants are the weather is beautiful, I continue to see awesome sea life almost daily, and my tan ROCKS. (I had to throw the constants in for my East Coast family and friends who are currently suffering a brutal winter...so come visit us already!)
Today I went to my happy place on the beach to write my grad school personal statement. I was pretty much completely alone on the beach. I saw a few (like 5) other people walk by the entire time I was out there (2.5 hours). I also got to see this below. There were actually two turtles out on the beach today...pretty cool. (See?? You should get tickets to come to Oahu NOW and then I'll take you to uncrowded beaches with sea turtles too!)

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