Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Mind Is The First Thing To Go

I've had a hilarious/perplexing/frustrating afternoon trying to figure some stuff out regarding my MSW application. I had to order copies of my transcripts from UNCG for my UH application. I ordered an extra one for myself and I opened it today and noted much to my surprise that there were classes on there that I have NO recollection of taking. I mean none...zero...nothing. Seriously?? How do you forget classes?? I graduated in May '01. It seems that I continued to take classes though through '02. I posted my perplexed status on Facebook and a friend of mine pointed out that we did in fact take one of the classes in question together. I remember that one class now, but WHY was I taking classes after graduation?? It's only been 7 years...how in the crap do I not remember this? I guess a more important question is this...can I really go back to school at this point? I mean if I can't remember what I did like yesterday...how am I going to remember stuff for tests????? Crap, crap, crap!!!

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