Saturday, January 16, 2010

Whale Tails (As They Should Be)

Today the Hart Family went on a whale watching cruise. I have deemed this particular trip to be the best value on the island. All 3 of us went on a 2 hour Wild Whale Watch for a grand total of $37...seriously. It was money well spent and we have agreed that we will be repeating this again in early March, thank you Star of Honolulu.

We drove to town, boarded the boat, and headed off the shores of Waikiki. Around Diamond Head, we saw the first signs of a mama and her baby whale. We pretty much stalked them for about an hour and a half. The boat guys said the baby was about a month old. It was so cool to see them!! Last year, I saw a few whales wayyyy off the North Shore coast, but never any up close. (I didn't know how freaking affordable this trip was then either!) Today the whales were not in full on breaching mode, but we did see them swimming around and I got some cool whale tail shots.

After the trip, we headed over to Tiki's in Waikiki for some lunch with cousin, Ben who is still on the island. Super fun day! I plan to spend the next 2 days out on the beach, soaking up the sunshine. The whale that washed up in Punaluu seems to still be there, based on the AWFUL decomposing whale smell that is prevalent in that area right now. I guess they didn't take it out of the water today...I think I'll be going North Shore this weekend!

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