Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's The End of The World As We Know It

For those of you that know us well this title has MUCH meaning...today it means a few other things too!! For one, I was super excited today about hiking to "the end of the world". Then I came home and found out that a Republican has taken over the Massachusetts Senate seat and I realized the actual end of the world is now...I started to not even bother finishing this blog. I mean who's going to be around to read it?? Ok, you guys ALL know where I stand politically...so I shall move on (well, sort of...with the blog writing at least...still DYING over the election results).
Sooooo, today was an awesome day (until I got home and heard the news!). I got up, chatted with my mom about our trip home, chatted with some friends, mailed my MSW application (yay!), and headed to the beach. I spent HOURS out there reading my book and watching the surfers. The waves were beautiful today!
After school, Eve and CRH headed up to grab me and we finally hiked ALL the way to the end of the world as they call it here...Ka'ena Point. It's the tip of the island and it's amazing out there. CRH has been out several times, but I kept hearing how long of a hike it is (and it is...3 hours round trip). Eve and I had sort of trekked out to parts of it one day, and I was curious but I wasn't sure I was totally in. I'm stoked by whale season this year though and since it's that time of the year...I h-a-d to go!
We hiked in about halfway and hit Secret Beach. How much would I love to just sit and spend the day here??

Then, we hiked on and saw the albatross!!! I've never seen an albatross before today (at least not to my knowledge). They are immense birds. It was so cool watching them fly all around. They are so graceful in the air...not so much on land. They walk very strangely.

After I stalked and photographed many of these creatures, we moved on to the very, very end...I was hoping for monk seals. They are always out there...or so I have heard. Today, they were not BUT we saw 4 different pods of whales! They were so cool...breaching included! I didn't get any whale breaching photos, of course...but I saw them!!! I'm sure my legs will ache tomorrow, but I'm totally going back in a few weeks. (You know if the world doesn't implode from a REPUBLICAN taking over Mass!)It was worth every step!

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