Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One For The Road

Today I shirked my packing duties and hit the beach once more before I leave for frigid weather. I went for a walk along Papa'iloa Beach to see the sea turtle that was hanging out. As I walked past the Lost set, they were busying around and setting things up...lots of people around. I kept going to see the turtle. He was not pleased with my arrival and actually retreated back into the water...rude. I wasn't even THAT close to him. There was another turtle a few feet away from him. He was NOT offended by my presence. As I turned around to come back, there was yet another turtle hauling out. Three turtles in one day...OMG!

As I headed back, the Lost set was very full of people. I walked RIGHT past them filming. Here is a horrible picture I took from kind of far away so that I didn't seem like some nut job (though I obviously am about this show!). Micheal (white shirt) and Hurley (brown shirt) were filming a scene...it was awesome! I wanted to stay and watch, but I wasn't sure how well that would fly. If Sawyer had been filming, I would have definitely stayed. I heart Josh Holloway.

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