Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'll Say It Again...Sundays ROCK!

I woke up brighter and earlier than I had thought I would today and cleaned the house. I always clean right before a know in case something happens. My mom taught me that. CRH thinks it's nuts, but he appreciates it today since he's not joining us in NC next week.
I chose to reward my efforts with an afternoon at the beach. It's kind of overcast here today and I actually started to bail on it, but I swear I find being inside stifling. I used to hate to go outside in NC. I was such an indoor girl, but not here. I just can't stay inside on a pretty day and most days here are pretty. I find working on sunny days pure torture. Anyway, I went to Papa' new fave beach I blogged about a few months ago. I triple love it there and by the time I drove all the way to Haleiwa there was actually a little blue sky showing.
Due to the overcast though, I wasn't really feeling like just sitting in the chair today and I saw several blobs in the sand upon my beach arrival...presumably sea turtles. One of them was a sea turtle...hello turtle.

Then I trekked the other way to what I initially thought was another turtle, but it wasn' was a MONK SEAL. OMG!

I stalked him for a while...he was pretty active while I was there too...checking me out as much as I was him with none of those pesky volunteers with ropes. Usually they just sleep and ignore my presence, but this guy felt compelled to watch me and then peed. I tried to not take it personally, but I did take it as my cue that he was probably wishing I'd go on. I took the hint and walked down almost to Haleiwa. My walk was rewarded by sights of more Lost set (I was another plane thing).

An octopus

An eel - this guy committed suicide after being snagged by a fisherman.

The fisherman's dog came up behind me the first time I tried to take this picture. I wasn't sure the eel was totally dead and all of a sudden this ankle biter dog is sniffing my calf. I shrieked and jumped. The fisherman found it quite hilarious. He then showed me this cool fish they caught and told me that the moray eel bites so hard onto the hook and wraps himself around the fishing line that they end up killing themselves. Hmmmm...too bad for the eel.
This is why Sundays rock and why I simply can't seem to stay inside here! Look at what you might miss!

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