Friday, January 15, 2010


I may suffer from a stress related illness over this in the end...seriously... but it's also become kind of funny at this point. My car registration was due Nov. 30th. Now, I'm not one to send things in TOO early, but I sent it the 1st time around the middle of November. Admittedly, I screwed it up. I dared to DETACH the registration cards...even though it clearly says not to do this. I own this one. They sent it back to me saying that I should kindly send in BOTH parts of the card. I did. They sent it back saying that it was now late (because it was...again I own this one too). I mailed it off a 3rd time (yes, three times) with my late fee check of $16 attached to the other check for the original amount. Apparently this was ANOTHER error...they sent it BACK to me underlining the total amount due. I guess the clerk was not going to go through the "hassle" of adding. Deep breath...fine. I wrote another check for the FULL amount due with my late fee all nicely put together for these people. Today, I open my mail box to find it has been sent back AGAIN. I was laughing and yelling at the same time. Apparently in ALL the mailing back and forth, it is now SUPER late and I've been assessed ANOTHER late fee. I would have never been assessed THIS late fee had the stupid clerk added my 2 checks together....ahhhhh! I'm sending it in tomorrow for the 5th time people...a 5th freaking time. Now before you guys think I'm a total idiot...CRH's came in the mail today. Obviously I got one of them right...stupid City and County of Honolulu...this is extortion.
In other news that's less whiny and venting, we are going on a whale watching cruise tomorrow morning. I'm super excited!! A dead whale carcass washed up about 100 yards off the beach today in Punaluu (a town about 10 minutes from us). Eve and I were going to go check it out until I looked it up on the news and saw the rotting carcass remains...not something I thought I should trek out to see with a 6 year old (nightmares). Plus, it looks like it's underwater and we probably wouldn't be able to see much. I'm hoping to see live ones tomorrow, but if not we get to go back.

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