Friday, January 23, 2009

Hawaiian Monk Seal

I talked to my friend, Amy Jo, earlier in the week and she told me that a Hawaiian Monk Seal had come up on the beach in Ka'a'awa right across from the ranch where she works. Eve and I rushed down there and the volunteer guarding her told us some interesting tidbits that I will share with you guys. There are only 1300 of these left in the world. We have seen 2 of them in the "wild" and 2 in captivity. This one is from Kauai (how they know this...I have no idea and she wasn't tagged...but ok). She is currently pregnant and had probably come out of the water because either it was too rough or there were a lot of predators (sharks) out that day. She came out at 6am and they anticipated she would return around 11pm. She was gone the next day. She didn't do much while we were there except snore and roll over...but here's a picture of her on both sides.

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