Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lost Orange Cat with Purple Collar

The ad reads on Craig's seems Buddy has wandered away. He has not been spotted by the family in a few days (Wednesday). I'm a little (very) worried at this point. I hope dogs didn't eat him, or he got run over, or he found a nicer (quite possibly) family, or....

I'm not loving today. Eve's currently at church with the Mormon neighbors...for 3 hours. What do they do that long? Our friend, Paul, had some hilarious suggestions as I was discussing the incident with him this morning. I feel horrible (not that she's at church) but for why they invited her. Sundays, we sleep in...always. Today, she let herself outside and has apparently forgotten how to open the she felt locked out and started crying. They apparently saw her crying and came to the door and offered to take her to church. She was quite happy to go...I have sat here feeling neglectful of her (and the cat). Maternal guilt sure is a bitch...oh and yes, these are the SAME neighbors that came over for the answering of the door alone incident. I may just move into a trailor, start drinking and smoking heavily, and call CPS on myself. (not that there is anything wrong with living in a trailor...)

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