Friday, January 30, 2009

Shameless Plugs

The things you do for your kids...jeez. Ok, so yesterday I learn that Girl Scout Cookie Sales are in my immediate future. This I can problem. All week though(seriously), I have been hit by fundraising stuff. Eve's public education sure is costing us a lot of money. (I know...private school would be more expensive.) First, they wanted us to sell glow in the dark Scooby shirts. I'm not kidding. I threw the thing away or I would have scanned one in to show you guys. OMG. Then, I got the Scholastic Book order (which I also don't mind too much) gives her school money and we get cheap books but it seems to come out a lot... anyway, win-win situation in my humble opinion. Today, I come home and she's got a Jump Rope for Heart donation packet. I'm not sure if this money goes to the school or if all of it goes to the American Heart Association, BUT what I'm getting at is this...
If you would like to donate money to the Jump Rope for Heart campaign...I have set up a webpage (which I emailed to all of our family) or you can send a donation here. If you donate on the site, you have to donate at least $ can send less here if you are so inclined. Money is due on Feb. 10th. Thank you in advance.
My second shameless plug is for her Daisy troop and Girl Scouts of Hawaii. They are sending Girl Scout cookies to our military men and women that are deployed. It is not practical for us to sell you cookies and ship them, but if you would like to support Eve's troop and donate cookies to an awesome cause...send a check for your donation amount. The cookies are $4.00 per box and we need to have it in by February 28th.
Thank you for reading about our current fundraising events. This ends the shameless plug.


Mom to 3 girls and 1 boy said...

It seems like very time you turn around the schools are wanting money for something...fundraising, teacher gifts, scholastic books (which do come out all the time)'s least you only have 1 kid - imagine what it will be like for us when they all ge in me a headache already!

Amy said...

Ya'll will need a second mortgage by then! :)