Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ka'a'awa Elementary School

Well, well...guess I should read the papers more...it appears the DOE wants to close Eve's school. That school has been open for 104 years...it's such a cute school. They have an excellent staff and we adore her teacher. Eve has learned a lot from her! Anyway, the DOE has determined that the school needs more repairs than are cost effective...so they want to close it down. Apparently, mid year (like in December- who knew?)but then the DOE decided to develop a task force to determine if and when and why the school will close. Hmmm...seems to me if the DOE put the money they are going to waste on a freaking task force into the school, that could help...but who am I to suggest such madness? There is a meeting at the school on Thursday to get more information. I'm not a participater in most events of this nature, but I hate for the school to close...we really love it there. So, we are going...

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