Sunday, August 23, 2009

Motorcross, Snorkeling, and Cookouts

Today was CRH's day off and we had the best Sunday. I freaking love Sundays...refer to earlier posts. It's total relaxation here at the Hart house and we participated in some less than normal for us events today.

This morning, our friend Tracy was racing his dirt bike and his girlfriend, Khristy, and I are great friends, so we went to the Kahuku Motorcross Track to watch him race. It was a blast! Eve has actually been many times with them before, but this was CRH's maiden voyage into the world of dirt bike riding and he enjoyed we want to go back kind of enjoyed it.

After watching the race, we took Eve to Shark's Cove to snorkel. I was kind of a brat about it because I just wanted to lay out, but the part of the cove where we went didn't have a great I snorkeled...and it was AWESOME. We saw several schools of fish...something that I really haven't seen here. We will see really cool fish together, but rarely entire schools. We saw like 4 or 5 schools today, which is apparently more common in this part of the reef. I also saw a gazillion (or 6) Humuhumu fish and a bunch of huge parrotfish. I saw a lot of fish today that I haven't seen here before (and they are NOT on my Hawaiian Reef Creature fish chart), so I cannot identify them (yet)! Eve wasn't feeling the snorkeling today so much, so CRH and I took turns swimming with her on our backs. It's really hard to swim with 35 extra pounds on your I got back to shore panting.

We had CRH's managers over for a cookout's so nice to have people over for dinner. Believe it or not, we don't do that very often here and we miss it. We are very social people...Hawaii is very ohana (family) oriented and less social than we are used's been an adjustment...but thankfully we enjoy the crap out of each other's company.

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Elizabeth said...

Yay for snorkeling! I am super jealous. Eve will appreciate everything one day.. just give her time. Miss you!