Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Open House

Eve's open house was tonight. CRH had to work, but I went and had fun. I know some of the parents this year, which is nice. We met all the school teachers and staff, had a spaghetti dinner, and saw her classroom. She showed me all the stuff that she's been working on and proudly reported that she's never had her name on yellow or red...only green. Ka'a'awa is such a cute school! I really love her being there. Is she getting THE best education in the country...nope (no offense if you are from HI and reading this...but come on), but I think she's getting a lot. If nothing else, it's across the street from the ocean and in front of gorgeous mountains...that alone counts for something! Mrs. Paulette Taylor is her teacher this year...very nice woman...very no nonsense (even with the parents).

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