Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chicken Tamale Casserole

You guys are going to think I'm a total nut job after this post, but I feel compelled to share this yummy goodness with you. I couldn't be happier right now if it were Christmas morning and a huge diamond was under the tree...well, ok that would make me a little happier (although I'd be stressed about where in the HELL he got that kind of money). Anyway when I diet (as I have been for 8 months now and have lost 25lbs), I become obsessed with food...obsessed.
A few months ago (like March or April), I found this recipe in Cooking Light. I really wanted CRH to make it, but he hates casserole type things. I love them, of course. So he read over it...decided it would be ok to try...and made it. I freaking LOVED it...LOVED it. We both did. Then I lost the recipe...seriously. I could not remember what magazine I'd found it in or what exactly they called it. Then today, the most glorious of days, I was searching for chicken enchilada recipes when I thought of the chicken tamale thingy for about the gazillionth time...and lo and freaking behold I have found the recipe again. I also just found a dollar in the dryer...I tell you guys - today is MY day. So, here's the recipe...easy, yummy, and a keeper (I bookmarked it this time!).

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