Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

No, I DIDN'T go shopping this morning. A few years ago I ventured out at 4am to Best Buy or Circuit City in Durham and when I got to the parking lot it was NUTS and the line to get in ran around behind another store. I just don't enjoy that. I'll pay extra and avoid the crowds and sleep in. I've actually found that online retailers offer some great prices on this day of holy shopping too.
Today CRH rolled home as Eve and I were getting up about 7:45am. Bless his heart! He said they were really busy last night (open yesterday from 9am-6pm, then opened back at 10pm for midnight madness). Who needs BR bad enough to go in the middle of the night?? Really?? That one baffles me, but I'm thankful people do it b/c it feeds us!
Eve and I put up our few decorations. We are putting up a tree, but probably not until the weekend before Christmas b/c they dry out really fast. We found out last week that CRH's cousin Ben will be on the island from mid Dec to mid Jan, so we are hoping he celebrates Christmas with us. It would be awesome to have some family around and we really like him, as opposed to some other family members. ;)
After the very quick task (oh I remember how it used to take a full day!) of decorating was over, Eve and I hit the beach. I really wanted to go watch part of the Triple Crown competition today at Sunset, but it was MOBBED (probably worse than the mall!). So, we went to Pipeline instead and ate our turkey sandwiches on the beach in the sun. Ahhhhh...

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