Saturday, November 14, 2009

Culinary F#c%ups

Well, I'll take a 1 out of 3 today. I got a little too confident after that Triple Chocolate Amaretto Cake...the kitchen had to put me back in my rightful place today (which is on the couch with a glass of wine talking to the cook, if you are wondering). Yesterday as I was sitting on the beach reading my newest edition of Cooking Light, I found a recipe for a Frosted Pumpkin Cake. I heart pumpkin...pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes. I was sure I would heart pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting...sounds like yummy goodness to me! Well, I did mention that I tend to screw up the execution of things, right?
Eve and I gathered all the ingredients and mixed up our cake...we baked it and this glob of yuck came out of the oven...I mean yuck. I tasted it just to see if maybe it tasted better than it looked...nope, not at all. It tasted exactly like it looked!

Not to be thwarted b/c I'd already made a yummy cream cheese icing (now that part rocked!), I decided to go to Foodland and buy pumpkin bread. As we were looking for said pumpkin bread, we ran across gingerbread...something I also adore and decided to go that route. We came home and made the mix and slapped the icing on it and it was in fact pretty tasty.
Ok so I said 1 out of 3...wait, there's MORE in my afternoon/evening of kitchen fiascoes! I'm tired of frozen food or Subway every night CRH works. I checked out a cookbook at the library the other day called "The Simpler, The Better"...sounds like I could manage recipes from something like this...w-r-o-n-g. I attempted a very simple pasta dish tonight, rigatoni with creamy artichoke sauce. I heart artichokes too and CRH is not so fond. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to make a healthy dinner for Eve and I and have my beloved artichokes...except again I failed at the execution! It was gross...we ate it...but it was NOT tasty. It looks ok, but in this case looks were VERY deceiving!

I've never been big on admitting when I need people, but I NEED CRH to continue to cook for me...I mean NEED him...badly!

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