Saturday, November 14, 2009

Daisy Butterfly Parade

Today the Girl Scout Council and the Butterfly Society of Hawaii hosted the cutest event...the 1st Annual Daisy Butterfly Parade. I signed the girls up and we headed to Foster Botanical Garden today to parade. It was very stormy last night, so I was afraid it wouldn't be a go, but we went!

There were about 50 Girl Scouts there. They read stories to them, paraded them through the garden, saw actual butterflies and caterpillars, the Mayor came and all the girls got their pictures taken with him, and then they had cookies and juice. The parade event ended with each troop getting into their own goodbye circle and doing a friendship squeeze and singing 'Make New Friends'...such a fun day!

I have to give a proud mama shout out to my kid today. She was an awesome Girl Scout. Two of the girls in her troop that went today didn't have butterfly I knew about, one I didn' I only had 1 extra set of wings with me. (I'm slightly embarrassed to say that we have enough wings that I could have winged the entire troop if needed!) When we got to the garden, the other girl was crying and Eve shared her wings with her throughout the day. I was sooo proud. After the parade, we went to Papa John's for pizza. This weekend was their grand opening and they were giving out balloons. One of the girls lost her balloon at the park when we were meeting parents and what does Eve Hart do? She gives the girl her balloon. Gold star freaking star for you!

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