Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Hart Style

Halloween ROCKS. The Hart Family got up and had orange chocolate chip muffins for breakfast, thanks to CRH. We webcammed with some family and friends so everyone got to see Eve in her costume. In the afternoon, I went to Sunset Beach to watch the Excel Pro surf competition. Again I'll say, I love to watch surfing...most awesome sport EVER. Eve and CRH went to the beach here. I'm not sure WHY they didn't want to go to Sunset, but they didn' I went alone. I love going to the beach, especially on Halloween b/c it was like 86 degrees and so warm!

Last night, Nancy and her family invited us over for Halloween. She fixed a yummy chili dinner and the kids trick or treated all up and down the street. Eve has never trick or treated without us, but she didn't even ASK us to go yesterday. She went with Connor and Jaylynn and came back with a huge bag FULL of candy. It was sooo heavy. CRH and I were laying bets on whether she'd be carrying her own bag. She did the 1st go round, but after they went to the other end of the street, Connor toted it for her. She's a great kid! Ultimately, she went wayyy farther with the girls than CRH and I would have ever gone AND she got wayyy more candy.

We drove home last night with the top down watching the almost full (and gorgeous!) moon. After we got home, we finished the night with a showing of "The Nightmare Before Christmas". This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! All day it was in my it.

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