Saturday, November 28, 2009

Boredom Hit, Needed a Jolt

I was so bored this morning. Eve didn't want to go to the beach (the horror of having a kid that doesn't love the beach is unimaginable). I didn't want to go shopping (b/c I don't have any money to spend). The surf competition was going to be nuts, so didn't want to try to go there today...saving that for tomorrow morning while church is in. So I posted my boredom on Facebook and suggestions came in from my friend, Jason. Snorkeling was out b/c Eve isn't a fan (again, the horror). Hiking was in though! I agreed to watch "Santa Buddies" (big fat SNOOZE of a movie) if she agreed to go. We painted toenails during the movie, ate lunch, and headed out. I drove up to Ka'ena Point, which is at the tip of the island. I parked in the lot b/c I was afraid to take the low S40 onto the road where Jeeps and trucks drive in and we hoofed it in for about 45 minutes. We walked along the road/trail/beach and then back. We didn't go nearly as far in as I wanted b/c it was getting close to sunset and I didn't want to get stuck out there with NO lights...scary... and we didn't go far enough in to see the cool wildlife, but it sparked our interest for a return trip (preferably with a rented Jeep). Driving home we were going to stop for sunset but it was fairly cloudy and drizzling rain along the North Shore, until we hit this!
Click on it to make it big (I'm sure you know this, right?) and you can see the rainbows coming out of the ocean...gorgeous!

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