Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy 39th Birthday to CRH!

Wow, I'm married to someone almost 40! ;) Today was obviously CRH's birthday and we celebrated by going to our favorite part of the island (besides the part where we live). When we moved here in April 2008, I came into town very soon after CRH arrived. We rented a car and decided to drive around the island to see where we wanted to live. We had looked online at some houses and anything comparable in size to what we lived in was in Ewa Beach. Ewa is also like 15 minutes from where CRH works, we live an hour from where he works now. Ewa is also like the Durham of Oahu. I freaked when we drove over there...totally freaked. I had a massive panic attack on the morning of my 32nd birthday thinking 'why in the crap was I moving 5000 miles from home to live in this cesspool'. I was very quiet as we drove back through town and around the other side of the island. After we passed Hawaii Kai and hit this part of the coast, I was in love. CRH and I stopped and gawked and we delighted in the fact that there were pretty parts of the island and this was what we had envisioned. We quickly learned that housing in Hawaii Kai is stupidly expensive, so we looked more into what they call the country here. Anyway, I digress...not the point of today's tale.

There is a scenic point here and we hopped the wall today and hiked around the lava. Eve and I were a little scared and completely in wrong footwear, but it was CRH's birthday so we did it. We were not disappointed. You can't even see a third of the beauty of this place from the gorgeous! We walked all around, sat in a sea cave, saw sea urchins, watched the waves pound the rocks, saw dead starfish, and admired the overall beauty of this place.

After coming home, Eve and CRH watched a Star Wars movie. We had a great dinner followed by cake! I typically buy birthday cakes because I think they should be special and while I have the best laid plans, I often fail in the execution stage. Well I'm here to tell you, I freaking nailed this one. I found a recipe for a Triple Chocolate Amaretto Cake, which Eve and I made yesterday. Today we iced it in a Chocolate Amaretto Ganache...omg, it was tasty!!
Happy 39th Birthday, honey! WE LOVE YOU!!!

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