Friday, November 14, 2008

Cool Hawaii Stuff

Yesterday, I went sightseeing with my friend, Wally. He used to work at Kualoa Ranch and he took me there to walk around and then do the Ocean Voyager Tour. We drove/walked around the grounds of the ranch. It's breathtaking up there! Then, we went to the Ocean Voyager site. On part of the ranch property, they are filming Lost. I got to see all the crew milling around (no cast, but I did see all their trailers...not that I would recognize anyone other than Matthew Fox and only him b/c of Party of Five). Anyhow, we drove through their setup and they are filming an episode with a submarine and we got to see the sub...kind of cool. Then, we took the catamaran tour out around Chinaman's Hat and then I got to see sea turtles swimming in the water!! rocked. There were about 6 or 7 out there swimming...babies. Wally said they were probably about 3 years old. Sadly, I didn't have the camera with me. Then we went across the fish pond. There are all these cool Hawaiian fish ponds on the island (approx. 22 on Oahu) that date back over 1000 years.
Today, CRH is closing so he got up this morning and we went to Waimea Bay and ate breakfast and watched these HUGE waves. My camera battery died as I was uploading, so I will try again in a little while. The waves were between 10-15ft today. We stopped at Pipeline on the way home and watched people surfing. I have finally found a sport I like to watch! It could be b/c surfers are hot...but's fun to watch!

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