Friday, November 7, 2008

I Really Like Being Aunt Amy

Late this afternoon, we went wading in the ocean right in front of our sharks as it is protected by a reef and very shallow. It was so much fun showing them the fish and walking and talking with them through the water. We saw a school of Moorish Idols and a sea cucumber and another unidentified green fish. Then, Kevin went to the airport to get Julie and CRH was I took the kids to dinner and then we came home and made brownies and played games. When it was bedtime, we all piled on my bed and read a story...I freaking loved every second of it. There was NO whining, minimal arguing amongst one another in the back seat, and just an overall nice time. Both kids have said it seems like their trip flew by and they can't wait to come back! They go home tomorrow and I know it will be a little bit before I get to see them again, but I hope it's sooner than later.

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