Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is Halloween

We had a fun Halloween at the Hart house this year. Yesterday, Eve dressed up as a witch and went to school. It was so cute. Her school only has 150 kids and most of them were dressed up and they paraded around the flagpole square in a costume parade...adorable! Then, I went home and went to Hanauma Bay snorkeling with Kevin, Julie, Rowan, and Sedona. They are here this week...Buddy is also here. :)
Last night, we all came home and Eve and I carved her pumpkin. We got dressed up and went to Turtle Bay to the lamest Halloween party ever (very under attended)...then we took the kids trick or treating. The fun part of Turtle Bay was that Eve and Sedona won prizes in the costume contest. Eve was a lady bug ballerina last night. Sedona was a vampire bride and Rowan was a tourist. CRH was a Whoopie cushion and I was the beer girl. Pictures will follow. I'm actually home between shifts right now without time to fully commit to loading pics.
After trick or treating, we came back to the house and ate Halloween treats. CRH's boss was in town and she joined us and our neighbors dropped in. It was a festive day! I adore this holiday!!

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