Friday, November 7, 2008


Yesterday, Christropher and Rowan had a swim lesson in Waikiki. They did great. I got some pics, but the photographer in the water took some really cool ones. As they were getting out, the instructor tells us that they (the lifeguards or the other surfers one) had just spotted a shark in the water and were posting signs. Oh and on a side note, I saw some cool stuff yesterday watching their lesson. In addition to seeing both of them get up and surf, I saw a guy surfing upside down. He was on the board on his head and his feet were straight up in the air and I saw a guy and a girl tandem surfing. He was holding her above his head while surfing. It was awesome!
So today, Kevin and I took Rowan and Sedona to Waimea Bay to go swimming (or so we thought!). We get there and posted on the beach are big 'Sharks Sighted' and 'No swimming' signs. We decided to just sit in the park area and eat our lunch and then go elsewhere. While we were sitting there eating, the lifeguard comes on his loud speaker and says something to the effect of 'The shark is actively feeding in the water right now and I wouldn't be in there if I were you.' Yes, there were still people swimming and yes, there was in fact a shark in the water! Rowan, Sedona, and I traipsed down to the shore to see if we could see it and there it was! A little shark was swimming in a school of fish (and by swimming, I mean eating) right near the shore! We could see him in there too. Some stupid kid was body boarding RIGHT in front of him too...idiots. That was my first Hawaii shark sighting.
On another side note, I was letting Eve do her homework unsupervised while I blogged...big mistake. She was doing a grocery store assignment and making different aisles of the food groups when I hear say "Hey Mom, what else goes on the wine aisle?" I made her start over...

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