Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Learning Manners From A 5 Year Old

Eve was out of school today for Veteran's Day. We spent the day shopping and having lunch with CRH who is working 12 hour days every freaking day...bless his heart. I have not seen the man since Saturday...almost literally. Anyway, we met him for lunch and went to this place called Big City Diner. From the name, I'm guessing you can gather that it isn't exactly an upscale eating establishment, but it's usually pretty tasty...not so much today. We got chicken sandwiches and while it was edible...it was not tasty. Here's a rough outline of how the conversation at lunch went.

Me:"This sandwich is not very good. I'm hungry so I'm going to eat it, but it's not the best."

Eve:"Mom, you shouldn't say that."

Me:"What...say what?"

Eve:"That your food is bad. We are sitting right beside the kitchen and they will hear you and it will hurt their feelings."

Me: (Cannot talk...laughing too hard)

Eve: "You guys are grown ups...you are supposed to have good manners."

Lord, she's funny and sadly she was right. We were right beside the kitchen and in her world it is rude to complain about the food.

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