Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cat Fight

(Or the blog more appropriately titled "CRH Warned Me")

Buddy is a boy cat. Eve had never really accepted this. She likes for animals to be girls. Almost all of her stuffed animals are girls...but Santa gives what he gives and he gave her a boy cat. If you remember, she also wanted it to be white. Before we moved from NC, she bought him a purple collar...with sparkles. Kevin and Julie did not make him wear it until it was time to come here. He apparently is not so fond of the cat collar. Within days of being here, he had lost it (or hidden it).

Today, I bought him a new purple collar. CRH told me that he would get picked on by the other cats, but I ignored him. Tonight, there was a loud cat fight outside the window. (There are 2 neighbor cats that like to come into our yard and eat Lilo's food.) Buddy was going at it with another cat (not Lilo). CRH broke it up and Buddy came inside with some scratches...sans collar.

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