Monday, October 12, 2009

Discoverers Day

Discoverers Day??'s Columbus Day. I didn't even know that the day had been renamed until CRH and I were talking about it at dinner tonight. Have we really become that freaking PC? That's even a stretch for my uber liberal soul...
Well, Eve Hart and I had a lovely day off...whatever title you want to give it. We hung out this morning watching TV and playing on the computer. After lunch, we went to Sunset Beach and sat in the sand and walked the entire length of the beach. It was such a pretty day and I had forgotten how awesome Mother-Daughter walks on the beach can be...although now I'm at the other end of those walks...very strange.
I hit my goal weight today, finally! 135.0lbs!!! Now, ideally I'd like to be between 125-130, but I'm SUPER happy to be here. Eve and I celebrated by making Welcome Home Bars aka Gooey Goodness Bars...yum! I know you aren't supposed to reward yourself with food, but there has pretty much been a 2 1/2 year hiatus on baked goods in our house with a few random exceptions...I thought it would be a nice thing to do with her. She enjoyed it and got dessert before dinner tonight. Yay, Happy Monday off!

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Nonni said...

Congraulations on reaching your goal! Very proud of you. Must webcam, so you can preen in front of the camera! Love you (no matter your size)!!