Saturday, October 24, 2009

Homemade Candy Corn Goodies!!

I have another blog that I stalk on my page, Not Calm. I don't know how I found it but I think it makes me feel more normal. She is single with 4 kids...OMG I can't imagine! She posted a recipe for Homemade Candy Corn today and I happened upon it. I asked CRH if he was game and he said ok. I had most of the stuff at home to make it, but needed 3 things. (Well, as it turns out 4 things.) Three trips to the grocery store later...we were set. It turns out that you can only buy powdered milk here in one size - 4lbs! I needed 2/3 of a cup, because we doubled the recipe for sharing, so that was part of the reason for multiple store trips. I was trying to find a "normal" size thing of milk. No such luck and we will be eating recipes with powdered milk for weeks. Anyway, they turned out super cute!

I wanted it to be a family activity, but it turned out as more of a "parent doing...kid watching" event just b/c of her age and all. She did make some cute little pumpkins and helped count it all in the end. We made 231 candy corns in varying sizes, 25 pumpkins, 2 hot dogs, and 1 dog. It got the kid approved seal of tastiness. CRH thought it was kind of gross and I hate candy corn so my opinion really doesn't matter (but I think it tastes just like the real stuff minus all the wax). Here's the link to the recipe if you are so inclined to try this goodness at your house.
Happy Halloween!!

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