Sunday, October 4, 2009

Iolani Palace and Kid Day

We took Eve and her friend, Marley, to the Children and Youth Day at the State Capitol today. It was so much fun (much more than I thought it would be actually). We went to a lot of booths and they painted pumpkins, planted seeds, got their faces painted...all the usual stuff...went down big bouncy slides. The cool part was we got to tour Iolani Palace! I've been dying to go there, but haven't made it and it was open and FREE today. I love free. It's the only royal residence in the country...very exciting stuff. The girls actually liked it a lot too. CRH wanted to read every single plaque and of course, they were just plowing I went with them, because I'm not so into the reading of EVERY SINGLE THING either. That's why I have tell me about things later. :)
Tomorrow Eve starts Sea Life Park camp again. She went last fall break and LOVED it. It's right down the road from my job, so it's super easy this year! She does her dolphin encounter on will follow!

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