Saturday, October 24, 2009

Waimea Bay

The Hart Family loves Waimea Bay, but apparently so does the rest of the universe. Parking is ridiculous and it's almost never available, unless you want to just stalk someone for a space like the mall at Christmas. That's not how I enjoy going to the beach most days, so I mostly skip it unless it's a weekday or company is visiting. Today CRH suggested we go and it was early enough in the day that I knew we could easily go back to Sunset Beach or something if parking was the normal chaotic mess. We drove right in and found a spot...only stalked someone for like 3 seconds.

It was a great beach day. CRH dug a HUGE hole in the sand and buried Eve in it (video is on Facebook if you are curious)...then got her stuck...which was a riot for us. CRH jumped off the gigantic rock twice (also for video sake which is also on FB). Then we had a little lunch at Killer Taco's...which wasn't so killer.

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