Thursday, October 22, 2009

Family Update

CRH is in LA this week...why, oh why does it have to fall on PMS week?? Why?? Ok, TMI...I know, but it's been a trying week. I've actually TRIED really hard to be as pleasant as possible. I've even cooked dinner two nights this week and I'm pleased to report that the house is still standing! Anyway, he's had meetings and store visiting stuff to do, which is cool...b/c he FINALLY got to see his model self in a store! He didn't get to any of the ones with him in the window, but he did get to see the one behind the registers. Here he's posing with himself.

Eve and I finally did her Kindergarten scrapbook today. I really hate to rush into things, but I felt like it was probably time. She was really cute filling in all of her answers. We put pictures in and stuff like her report cards, papers, art projects, etc. My grandparents are giving her one for every year of elementary school. I love them, but I'd just been slow doing them!
After our scrap booking time, it was time for her parent-teacher conference. School was out for these conferences by the way...don't even get me started on that one! Oh, I did learn today that some families are suing over this Furlough Friday thing. I hope they win. CRH and I would have totally sued, you know if we weren't so freaking lazy and all. Anyway, she's doing excellent in school. The teacher was very pleased with her progress. She's a tattletale that likes to boss the other kids (this was the only negative), but I will say that she comes by that one honestly. Her Dad can be sooo bossy. ;)
I'm doing great. I'm tired of ALL the rain that we've had on this part of the island this week - no beach time since Saturday! I'm dying here (and fading!). We had our corporate assessment at work this week and I think my part went fairly well.
No other big news to report at this time. CRH is off this weekend and I hope we get to participate in some island fun.

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